Trying to train Reg using your biscuits is hard work, the biscuit along with my hand has disappeared before I can give the command. Reg loves your biscuits so much I even came into the room to find his nose buried in the empty packet, just in case there were some crumbs left inside.


Thanks to Caroline for the yummy biscuits for Arthur. He liked them both, but really loved the carrot and peanut butter flavour! Here’s a photo of him waiting (not so) patiently for a taste. Thanks again! Will purchase more soon.

Rhiannon F.


My westie Casper tried some of Caroline's handmade dog biscuits, he is super fussy but he loved them ! Nice healthy treats, a fair price and always good to support a new local business I would, or sorry Casper would recommend them.

Sarah W.


Thank you Caroline for the treats for Ruby, she really enjoyed them! And a bonus that they are healthy and homemade. Here she is on her walk being greedy! Definitely recommend.

Amy R.